Database Hosting for All Your Web Projects

Set up your databases with just a few clicks. Benefit from a fair, usage-based pricing model, no price per seats, no infrastructure to manage, and no system to update.

Set Up a Database

  1. Select the database type and version
  2. Choose a location for your database
  3. Configure the resources
  4. Deploy, and let us maintain it

After that, it’s easy to connect your database to Kinsta-hosted apps with blazing-fast and secure internal connections. Or easily set up external connections.

Automatic Backups For Peace of Mind

Secure your projects with database backups. Kinsta automatically backs up your database daily and stores them for 7 days. At the same time, you can also create up to 5 manual backups, each stored for 14 days.

Automatic backups for peace of mind

High-Performance Internal Connections

Host both your application and database with Kinsta and take advantage of internal connections/local networks. Choose your data center and put everything right on the same cluster. It’s:

    • Faster
    • More secure
    • No internal bandwidth cost
    • No row count limits
    • No query count limits

Run Your Database Anywhere

At no extra cost, select the region that works best for your project. Choose from 25 data centers. All our locations offer Google’s top CPU machines and high performing Premium Tier network.

Data Centers (25)
CDN Locations (260)
Locations of Google Cloud data centers on a world map

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Administer your apps, databases, and managed WordPress sites all in one place.

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How are database resources calculated?

The database tier you select has a predefined amount of CPU, RAM, and storage. You’re billed for the use of these resources.

Do I pay for internal connections?

If your database and application are hosted on the same data center and cluster, you won’t be billed for internal traffic and bandwidth like with other hosts.

How does the free trial work?

Sign up for any of Kinsta’s Application Hosting tiers and you’ll automatically join our free trial. The free trial is limited to $20 in server resources and is applicable only to your first month of hosting.

How does billing work?

With Application Hosting or Database Hosting, pay only for the server resources you used at the end of each monthly billing cycle. These services are prorated to the second and postpaid.

Can I change my database size?

Yes, you can increase the CPU/RAM/storage resources your database has allocated to it at any time on your MyKinsta Dashboard. Your disk resize is downtime free. Learn more on our Docs.

Do databases share containers?

Unlike some competitors, all databases at Kinsta are hosted in their own container. This increases your database’s performance and security.

Can I increase my database disk size without increasing RAM or CPU?

Yes! You can easily increase your disk size in increments of 10GB at $10 each with our Database Disk Size Add-On. Once you’ve made an account in MyKinsta, open a message with our support team to get started.

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