Kinsta uses buildpacks, an open-source project maintained by Heroku, to automatically determine and create a container for your application based on your repository. Buildpacks are scripts that are run when your application is deployed to install dependencies for your application and configure your environment. To use buildpacks, when you add your application, select the option to Set up container image automatically.

We support the following application languages for buildpacks:

If you want to use a different language version for your application, you’ll need to set the version in your application’s files.

If you want to use a language that is not a supported buildpack language, you must use a Dockerfile. When you add your application, you can select the Use Dockerfile to set up container image option.

Configure Buildpacks

Some applications require no configuration, but some require specialized commands and options to run, such as:

Environment variables — You may need to set certain environment variables to run your application.

Processes — Kinsta can automatically detect your web process command. You can change this if required, and you can define additional processes.

Processes in a Procfile — You may want to define your processes in a Procfile within your application’s code.

Add or Edit Buildpacks

You can manage buildpacks on your application’s Settings page. To add additional build packs, click Add buildpack. To remove or change the order of your application’s buildpacks, click Edit buildpacks.

When you add a buildpack, it’s automatically added to the end of the buildpacks list, so you may need to edit the order of your buildpacks. You can drag and drop the buildpacks to change their order in the Edit buildpacks modal/pop-up.