• Industry: Web Development
  • Company size: 11-50
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DevsData is a trusted name when it comes to complex software systems, AI, and Big Data services. They are a top-rated software agency with a team who is passionate about coding and crunching data.

Their premium full suite of services includes:

  • Complex backend systems
  • Frontend web apps
  • Mobile development
  • Big Data analytics
  • DevOps & Cloud infrastructure
  • enterprise app development
  • Tech consultancy and recruitment

What makes them stand out from others is their cross-industry expertise and their knack for taking on complex challenges and demanding clients.

Whether a client needs to start a development project from scratch, needs to expand an in-house dev team, or anything in between, DevsData is always eager to take on the challenge.

Read below our interview with DevsData’s Founder Tom Potanski.

The Problem

Your company website is the key asset of your digital business. No matter how good you are at what you do, the first impression of a slow site will always disrupt how prospect clients will perceive you from that moment on.

“Since a huge part of our work relies on stable website performance, DevsData needed a website hosting service that can keep up with the business demand and performance. ​And, unfortunately for us, our former provider​ just wasn’t cutting it.

It was common that visitors to our company website were always commenting about the slow loading time and speed of our pages, even when a reliable internet connection was available.

Specifically, being in the business and trying to market ourselves among some of the top tech solutions, our slow website was not able to support our branding message and negatively affected our online presence.”

The Solution

We were looking for a new provider with scalable hosting solutions and top-notch support. That’s when we decided to move to Kinsta.

“We came across Kinsta by word of mouth from colleagues. We asked around our own networks to get real reviews of the WordPress hosting provider and were more than satisfied with the feedback, so we decided to give Kinsta a try.

Some of the many things that attracted us are the scalable hosting services (Kinsta provides solutions no matter the size of the company) and the unbeatable support.”

The Result

Effortless migration process with no downtimes, strong security measures in place, automatic backups, and a 50% increase in speed for our site now hosted at Kinsta.

“Right off the bat, our main website DevsData experienced great boosts in terms of website loading time and performance by at least 50%. And we were happy when also our clients started noticing these website performance improvements across different channels.

The migration ​process from our old provider ​to Kinsta is another noteworthy aspect as we did not experience any downtime — it was business as usual.

The Kinsta team took care of everything, we just had to sit back and carry on with our regular work. The whole migration went as smoothly as it could be and everything was double-checked before going live on the new domain.

For DevsData and other IT consulting companies, stellar customer support is something they always strive to provide to their clients. As such, they expect the same from their partners and providers.

Lucky for us and our clients, Kinsta went above and beyond in helping DevsData even with issues not directly related to the website hosting service.

Security is no longer a concern because of Kinsta’s tech stack and the implementation of security best practices. Software-based restrictions, DDoS attack detection, hardware firewalls, and continuous monitoring are just some of the key aspects of Kinsta.

The new website is also backed up daily, which is a crucial feature for companies that like to continuously tinker with their website to improve it. Kinsta automatic hourly backups were a lifesaver! We didn’t lose a single bit of data because of it!”

Who knew WordPress could be so fast? We’ve been using Kinsta for quite some time now, and we are beyond satisfied. Our experience with migration was top-notch, it was easier than we ever thought. The best part – we can sleep at night knowing that our website is in good hands. And let’s not forget about their lightning-speed support available around the clock. The advanced security features (such as two-factor authentication) make the experience even safer for us.

Tom Potanski
Tom Potanski, Founder