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IZU.IO is the place to either begin your digitalization journey or recover from a bad one.

Japan-based IZU.IO is an international affiliation of "out-of-the-box thinkers" who specialize in digitally creative solutions, especially creating shiny new websites, eCommerce, booking, and B2B digital solutions.

Our end-to-end solutions can guide you through the initial setup with either consulting only or the basics - through to a complete eCommerce solution.

We can also provide business security hardening, site recovery, hacking recovery, and email reputation repair from decades of experience in Enterprise Computing, Enterprise Security, as well as advising and supporting startups and small businesses.

Specialties include:

Root Cause Analysis


Custom Websites

Accessible Websites


Appointment and Booking


Graphic Design



Donation and Membership Sites


Our Team Leaders

Bryan Keniry - Founder and CEO

Enterprise Computing troubleshooter since 1984, Bryan built his first website-like presence on an IBM mainframe in 1986 using REXX running on a Virtual Machine.

Bryan is rather good at fixing things and keeping up with the latest technology.

Julien Bourdon - Developer

Entrepreneurial in spirit, Julien started his own company in France in 2003 in SMS management.

Julien’s been working on IT & building websites since he got his first computer at 6 years old—a Thomson mo-5 on which he wrote his first lines of code.

Product development has always been his passion.

Mari Keniry - Chief Designer

With more than a decade of years' experience in Web and Graphic Design, Mari specializes in end-to-end branding, UX, and UI.

Mike Barlow - Web and Film Producer & Translator

Mike has been making documentary films, translating from Japanese to English, for over 30 years.